Easy-to-use Process with AEPS

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) is a new and secure payment service provided by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). This service customers with Aadhar card linked bank account can avail modest banking services like cash withdrawal, balance inquiry among others.

At BuyNSwipe you get to avail the AEPS services across India. Our Services include quick recharge, easy aadhar payments, cash deposit, POS Services, bill payments at many other.

How we Help you?

Instant Validations using e-KYC

Easy onboarding on our platform

Instant Funds Transfer using AEPS

Secure & Reliable technology platform

Open account without submitting physical documents

Debit card free authentication using aadhar number and fingerprint

How to use AEPS?

Go to a micro ATM or banking correspondent

Provide Aadhaar number and bank name

Choose the type of transaction you want to make

Provide verification through fingerprint/iris scan

Collect your receipt

Services Offered by AEPS

Cash Deposit

Balance Enquiry

Cash Withdrawal

Aadhaar to Aadhaar funds transfer

Payment Transactions (C2B, C2G Transactions)

Features & Benefits of AEPS

Easy to use

Safe and secure payment method

Interoperable across various banks

Encourages financial inclusion and serves the underbanked sections of society Through AEPS, all bank account holders will be able to access their bank accounts through Aadhaar authentication

With AEPS, the only information required to initiate a transaction is Aadhaar number and biometric information

AEPS facilitates disbursements of Government schemes like NREGA, Social Security pension, Handicapped Old Age Pension etc. of any Central or State Government bodies using Aadhaar authentication.

Our Services

We at BuyNSwipe help merchants set up their Aadhaar enabled payment system. We provide the local store with one stop solution for seamless financial and digital services.

Cardless ATM’s

We support cardless transactions at normal ATMs. It is not necessary for customers to carry ATM cards, as the transaction can be done by entering the Aadhaar number manually and then continue using biometric authentication instead of the PIN.


Every house utilizes solutions like electricity, mobile phones, gas, water etc. which result in more than two to three expenses to be spent on a monthly basis. Our web platform enables simple repayments for different service providers via one single web login.

Best value

A full service package! We bring you the entry right into the complete online important service circulation. Best value services is a full services package that will certainly change your outlet into a FMCS (Rapid moving consumers services) center.

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